How to experience a fun SPA day at home?

The pursuit of well-being is nothing new - our ancestors have been looking for countless ways to gain physical and spiritual pleasure for thousands of years. One of the oldest methods of beauty and treatment is aromatherapy. Its origins can be traced back to ancient China, India, Rome and Greece in the 12th century, when the Persians discovered the process of distilling essential oils, which began to be widely used to treat physical ailments as well as improve mood.

Nowadays, essential oils have become an integral part of the spa. As soon as we cross the threshold of the spa entrance door, natural ethers relax our minds, then they involuntarily vibrate in the steam of the sauna, until they touch our skin, allowing a deeply relaxing and relaxing body massage in the light of aromatic candles ... Mmm, so tempting, but not reaching even luxurious it seems now, when due to the pandemic we have limited travel and also the spas are closed.

A new experience of self-pampering

To assess what we are missing, we need to find out what a visit to the spa is. What we are really looking for and finding in them First of all, spa procedures allow you to relax. By being relieved of stress, we indulge in bodily pleasures that provide direct benefits through various procedures, relieve muscle tension, improve skin tone, help regulate weight and otherwise restore, until it leaves us with a comprehensive sense of happiness. But is such pleasure really so exclusive that you have to go somewhere and only when you can! No, happiness lives in ourselves and we can enjoy the spa in our own homes! mājās!

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils in various ways, both in beauty care and in everyday life, have been very popular on the West Coast for several years, from where the world is now.trends ‘home spa concept, which means a spa experience that can be gained comfortably, relatively cheaply and at least every day without leaving your home with the help of various aromatherapy and cosmetic products! Based on our many years of experience in the production of spa products and inspired by the stories of our customers around the world, we, Lemongrass House, whose representative office is now open in Latvia, are happy to share tips on how to pamper yourself by organizing a home spa day at home.s.

Start the day with the aroma of happiness

If you have decided that this will be a day for you and your well-being, despite the fact that you will also have to find a place and time for daily work and responsibilities, thentuned in to it and make sure it works. We recommend that you start this day with a light, warm and fragrant lemongrass aroma candles and instill a few drops of essentialhappiness in your aroma lamp or aroma oil diffuser.


Wake up with an aromatic shower

A great morning shower with natural plant extracts and essential oils will help you relax and get good emotions for the whole day. Which detergent to choose Depending on the mood and the desired effect, we recommend choosing a moisturizer shower gel with its own aroma. If you want to spend the day sensually, choose natural aphrodisiac franchis, but to calm the mind and get rid of stress, lavender..


Moisturize and delight your skin

After the shower providesbody additional hydration to the skin by lubricating it with body butter or lotion rich in tropical plant natural oils. Already at this moment you will feel how joyful your skin and mind will give in to the wonderful aroma! Fear of losing that moment during the day stimulates your senses with refreshing lemongrass, romantic rose or soothing lavenders aromatic spray body.

And, of course, don't forget about your ownface skin it is the first sign of your well-being or fatigue. Take care of it everyday, using a cleansing facial scrub, tonic and cream, or during your spa ritual during the day, especially pampering your facial skin with a cleansing green tea, toning Thai tanaka and seaweed or maybe a vitamin C mask! And the lips that would be our face without beautiful, well-groomed lips - pamper them with naturalgu lip balm, which contains this butter, coconut oil beeswax and essential oils to your taste pink grapefruit and papaya, carrot and ginger or mint and lavender..



Spend the day in the spa atmosphere

Whatever your work plan for this day, do not lose the physical and spiritual pleasure achieved in the morning. Maintain well-being throughout the day by allowing essential oils and their aromas (each of which provides a special benefit) to fulfill their mission using Lemongrass House products. It's your chance to enjoy the spa anywhere, anytime now! For example, in the middle of the day, lubricate your hands with this and cocoa butter, coconut oil, aloe vera extract and essential oils. hand cream or refresh your face with this seasonmust-have product facial spray, allowing it to open your eyes for the pleasure of the day and at the same time provide extra hydration to your facial skin. And, of course, don't forget about the air around you. By using different types of room fragrances, you can ensure that the fragrance you like accompanies you all day long, no matter where you are in the room, kitchen, or even in the car. Intense effects aroma oil diffusers, while a cloud of light and volatile scents, which is also mobile (you can easily carry it to different places or leave it in the car), you get witharomatic spray assistance. By the way, if you even spend the day in front of the TV, sitting on the sofa, you can also blow your day's aroma into its pillows.u.

End the day with pleasure and fall asleep

By letting the spa experience all day long, you will definitely feel much better in the evening than usual. And yet the sweet food has exactly the evening treatments that will prepare you for a sweet sleep. We invite you to light candles again, prepare a cup of your favorite tea and indulge in a spa evening again or still in your home. Uncork the bottle of our wonderfuls bath oils, if you have decided to celebrate this day in the bath, or if you still have only a shower, then do not deprive your skin of the pleasure provided by ourbody scrubs. Sea salt scrubs saturated with jojoba and essential oils or gentle creamy scrubs of jojoba pearls enriched with aloe vera extract will make your skin clean, silky soft and radiant. You will say whether it is possible to have an even greater experience of pleasure on your own and at home than you have already experienced on this day! We will say yes! At the end of your happiness journey, we offer a massage, which you can entrust to a loved one or, if nothing else, perform it for yourself. Body and massage oils Lemongrass House is chosen by many of the leading spas around the world. Indulge in a romantic, relaxing or perhaps slimming massage with our massage oils. Just a few more aromatic puffs on your pillows and let your sweet sleep fall ...


Because you are worth it ...

Not only can you bring yourself special happiness days, but you can also enjoy the spa in your home every day by getting acquainted and pampering yourself with fresh, natural, hand-made spa products from Thailand's Lemongrass House! View, choose and enjoy them on our in the e-shop.

We wish Lemongrass House spa products a real pleasure!