Why are we"Lemongrass House"?

Our brand story is based on the fateful meeting of the founders of Lemongrass House, Bobby and Palitas, almost 30 years ago and the love that unleashed the knowledge of both and turned the hobby into a successful business. Even before arriving in Thailand, the American Bobby had mastered aromatherapy, while the Thai Palita, growing up in a farming family, had always been close to nature. Palita has taken care of her feminine beauty and health since childhood, using the family secrets of herbal ingredients, their extracts and oils, cherished for generations, experiencing how these all-around natural gifts can heal, rejuvenate and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. As true children of nature, Thais have long used only fresh herbs and fruits to make scrubs, masks and creams. Thus, the beautiful union of these two people became a family and also the basis of the company Lemongrass House.se”.

Many ask us why the Lemongrass House (translated from English) is the name of the companyums?

Lemongrass is a widespread plant in Thailand, it grows everywhere, it is a long grass with a unique citrus scent, which can be felt by rubbing part of the leaves of this herb. Lemongrass is used in a variety of ways, both in cooking as a national spice, in making tea and in flavoring rooms. Lemongrass plant juice perfectly repels insects and kills pathogenic bacteria. Lemongrass is rich in essential oils. The gentle citrus aroma of this herb tones the body, reduces headaches and helps with colds. We are not afraid to say that this plant is one of the symbols of Thailand. The endless fields of lemongrass that sink into the humidity of the monsoon rain or dry in the southern sun, swaying in the warm wind flow ... Since ancient times, lemongrass has been a real natural treasure for the people of the East, which is why this Thai symbol has become the main scent and inspiration of Lemongrass House!!

Lemongrass House cosmetics production history and principles

The first batches of the new company's products were made by Bobby and his wife in his small factory set up in his home, and they were all products based on lemongrass essential oil sold at the local Chatuchak Weekend market. Soon after, the young contestants smiled with success as they were heard about by UNICEF in Thailand and placed a large order for mosquito repellents to be used by their outdoor workers. As the saying goes, the rest is history, but since then the Lemongrass House brand name has been heard in publications such asTime,Conde Nast Traveler andThe New York Times and today it is already a well-known brand with more than 50 retail outlets in 17 countries around the world, in addition, Lemongrass House products are now also delivered to more than 500 spa hotels.

Over the years, more and more knowledge and experience in aromatherapy has been accumulated, the brand has become popular and the range of products has expanded significantly, but the core values have remained the same. ingredients of animal origin are used, the products are never tested on animals. The simple but elegant packaging is made from recycled and recyclable raw materials, as Bobby and Palita are and remain environmentally friendly and reliable..

The founders of the brand believe that the secret of Lemongrass House's worldwide recognition is quality, high concentration of essential oils, handmade blending of natural ingredients and the unique aromatherapy effect provided by every Lemongrass House product selected and used by our customers.