Why choose Thai cosmetics?

The use of Thai cosmetics in skin care in the world is no longer considered an exotic, but a real trend, without which it is difficult to imagine a market for modern cosmetics. Centuries of well-preserved and cultivated beauty traditions, combined with the pure and high-quality natural resources available in Southeast Asia, rightly rank the products produced in Thailand.premium class in the natural cosmetics segment.

From the offer of Asian countries, Thai cosmetics are recognized as one of the best among beauty professionals. Even more, despite the low price, Thai products can stand by even the most expensive, world-famous brands in terms of exposure..

What is the secret and true value of Thai cosmetics?

It should be mentioned first loyalty to old and proven recipes preserving youth and beauty, which are undeniably based on high quality natural raw materials . Virtually all Thai cosmetics are based on natural vegetable oils, leaf, shoot, flower extracts and ethers. In the list of ingredients in each cosmetic you will find one of the following elements:

  • coconut oil, which softens and moisturizes the skin, strengthens nails, restores hair and gives them shine;
  • aloe vera gel, which is easily absorbed, perfectly moisturizes and heals;
  • tanaka powder, which regulates the oiliness of the skin, opens the sebaceous glands;
  • fruit extracts, which are also effective in various specific skin problems, such as the fight against cellulite or orange peel or stretch marks,m,
  • this butter is rich in nourishment and prevents skin aging, and has a high SPF filter, which is important for skin protection;
  • essential oils with infinitely wide application both in aromatherapy and as natural fragrances in every cosmetic product.

By masterfully using these natural raw materials, the Thais have achieved the sustainability of their products free of artificial colors and preservatives, free of sulphates and parabens, free of artificial fragrances .

So then - The uniqueness of Thai cosmetics lies in the simplicity and power of nature , namely the supply of high - quality raw material resources, simplified but at the same time strictly controlled production processes, authentic recipes and a personal approach, as the products are not industrially and mass - produced.

If for a long time Thai cosmetics could be enjoyed and purchased only in Thailand on the spot, then for several decades now, this high-quality eco-beauty product has been in demand in the resorts and spas of exotic countries in Europe as well. However, with the growing trend for society to pay more attention to the origin and composition of products, preferring natural ingredients and the eco-lifestyle in general, cosmetics from Thailand are gradually gaining ground in the bathrooms of end consumers. This is natural, because the global outlook on life and the digital world make people want to choose authentic products from sources where raw materials are naturally easy and available.

Advantages of Thai cosmetics

When evaluating Thai care cosmetics, beauty professionals have listed a number of benefits:

  • natural composition – 80-100% of cosmetic ingredients are sourced from local resources with minimal processing,
  • high quality composition – Due to its natural ingredients, cosmetics produced in Thailand are characterized by a high content of nutrients and vitamins, a high content of natural antioxidants and biologically active substances, which are able to provide impressive results in the care of the skin of the face and body,
  • hypoallergenic composition – Thai cosmetics are suitable for even the most sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions,
  • availability – Thai cosmetic end products are relatively inexpensive, which can cast doubt on quality, but you don't have to worry about it if you choose proven manufacturers, as they can offer authentic products at a good price due to the low cost of raw materials,
  • high efficiency – most cosmetics have an immediate and visible or tangible effect,
  • a wide range of – a wide range of products, from soaps, shower gels and scrubs to masks, specific balms and oil blends,
  • adaptation to different needs – there are practically no restrictions on the use of these cosmetics depending on the skin type or the age of the user, because the composition is natural,
  • aromas – Thai cosmetics boast excellent natural flavors derived from pure essential oils, but when choosing flavored products, each individual taste must be taken into account in terms of fragrance, as oriental products are often saturated with specific and spicy flavors that may seem intrusive to European buyers. or inappropriate; if you are particularly sensitive to the smell, it is best to choose traditional and familiar flavors,
  • freshness – Whereas the natural composition is excellent, as it guarantees the use of fresh raw materials and, consequently, high-quality properties, but it should be borne in mind that such cosmetic products have a shorter shelf life after opening the original packaging,
  • handmade as an added value - Most often, beauty traditions and knowledge are further developed in small family businesses, where there is no industrial production, but with a careful selection of the best ingredients, with love for work and customers, cosmetic ingredients are mixed and blended by hand according to a special recipe. It should be emphasized that in today's companies, which are already expanding beyond Thailand, these seemingly simple and largely manual small-scale production processes are also strictly controlled to ensure the high quality standards required by world markets.

To sum up, Thai cosmetics are also regarded by professionals as simple and straightforward, without the use of high technology, without unnecessary admixture, with no emphasis on combating skin aging or striving for skin whitening, but with a focus on healthy and natural the preservation of beautiful skin, and the traditions of Thai cosmetics are largely in line with traditional medicine and pharmacy.



Lemongrass House has been representing a Thai cosmetics manufacturer for 25 years saimi

As tells our brand story, in the early days of its operations, Lemongrass House was respected as a small but promising family business as part of UNICEF 's international mission to Thailand, which was soon followed by co - operation offers from local spas. Today, Lemongrass House is already an experienced, recognized and recognized manufacturer of aromatherapy and spa cosmetics from Thailand with an extensive retail chain and permanent wholesale contracts with premium hotels and spas around the world.

By establishing an official representative office of Lemongrass House in Latvia, we are now happy and honored to give our consumers the opportunity to enjoy the diversity and authenticity of Thai cosmetics. From Lemongrass House in Thailand, we bring not only fresh and natural products at a competitive price, but also high standards of customer service and the values of our brand - quality, excellence, care for the environment and people's love.