Coconut oil is a real gift of nature:

You have dry skin? – Use coconut oil!

You provide a complete diet? – Add coconut oil to the dish!

You want to strengthen the immune system? – Use peanut oil!

Your hair is brittle, dry, lost shine? – Pamper them with a coconut oil mask!

Your skin is dull and dry? – Lubricate it with coconut oil!

... it is difficult to find a more versatile and valuable natural product than real coconut oil - it is really a gift of nature for each of us. Many already know about the unique properties of coconut oil and use it on a daily basis, so the offer to buy it is quite wide. But did you know that there are also a lot of counterfeits or low quality coconut oil with artificial impurities on the market?

To be sure that a quality and authentic product is purchased, you need to choose a reliable seller (manufacturer). And that's exactly what Lemongrass House is! The quality of coconuts grown in Thailand and our proven cooking methods allow us to supply our customers with 100% pure and natural coconut oil. You can buy it in our e-shop, in a convenient, pleasant 120 ml package and be sure that you will give the best to your skin and body!

Lemongrass House Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is made from white coconut pulp by cold pressing or pressing method, which provides the most valuable end products unrefined, the highest quality coconut oil. It is important that, like all Lemongrass House products, our coconut oil has never been tested on animals. This white, soft-textured, pure natural wonder with a pleasant scent contains saturated fatty acids of plant origin. Our body does not synthesize them itself, but it needs them, just like the vitamins and valuable amino acids in coconut oil, which nourish and rejuvenate the skin, help to resist the adverse effects of the external environment..

Natural coconut oil is a versatile product that should be in the medicine cabinet for anyone who cares about their health and beauty... The benefits of purchasing and using Lemongrass House coconut oil are endless:

  • For Hair – they will become soft, silky, manageable and shiny;
  • For the Skin – it will be fed, but will not become greasy, it will become incredibly soft and fragrant (by the way, it is believed that coconut oil also helps to reduce wrinkles, smooths them!);

In addition, high-quality coconut oil is also the best butter substitute, it improves digestion, burns fat, improves immunity and fights inflammation..

Every woman has her own beauty secrets. We follow the recommendations of beauticians, beauty bloggers and our customers and girlfriends, and whether or not everyone has their own approach and routine in maintaining and maintaining their body, skin and hair in perfect condition, they all recognize - without coconut oil, it is unique!

We wish everyone to be beautiful and healthy Lemongrass House premium class, top quality, 100% natural cold pressed coconut oil Pure Virgin Coconut oil is available with a few clicks in our e-shop. We also offer for your convenience Coconut product collection, which combines ready - to - use home cosmetics with coconut oil. We guarantee excellent quality and results!