Time for yourself - time for a bath

Did you know that one of the places where the best ideas are born is a bath Not for free is a bath included in almost all spa procedures ... The reason for this is a simple immersion of the body in warm water relaxes the tense body and frees the mind.u.

Pure essential oils or bath products enriched with them are added to the water to achieve complete relaxation through the bathing procedure. In the fall and winter seasons, when it gets wet and dark outside in our latitudes, bathing is a common ritual for most people in the evenings after work or on leisurely holidays. But how to make it richer and more pleasing to the skin?

Lemongrass House, which has been specializing in aromatherapy, spa products for 25 years and serves the world's leading hotels and spa centers around the world, is now represented in Latvia to provide you with the best spa experience at home. If you don't even have a bath, our product rangeā Baths & showers You will find everything you need for relaxation with water:

  • if there is no time or opportunity to enjoy a bath or at least a shower, then let your lover in the palm of your hand under running water a bar of soap – close your eyes and feel how your fingers heat up, how the soap gets a softer consistency, how a pleasant aroma rises in the air until you feel a little relaxed and you can open your eyes, rinse your hands, dry them, feeling how long the skin has become mild and slightly fragrant;
  • if you have caught a moment, at least 10-15 minutes for a shower, then make sure that it also develops into a rejuvenating procedure along with cleansing the body and relaxing the mind, choose a quality shower gel and you will only need a few drops to rid the skin of dirt, to moisturize it at the same time and in addition to enjoy the aromatherapy effect through the vapor vapors through the essential oils in each bottle of Lemongrass House shower gel;;
  • if you feel that there is too much dirt on your skin and mind in the literal and figurative sense (yes, including stress, depression, anxiety), then help oursu body scrubs – depending on how intense you want to scrub, choose a gentle creamy scrub with jojoba beads or an abrasive salt scrub ... and again - let the high-quality, 100% natural composition of the product work, which will pamper your skin and a fragrance that will fulfill its purpose task (for example, lavender - soothes, coffee - cheers, etc.);
  • and finally - if you want to indulge in the full relaxation that a leisurely bath can provide, then fill it with warm water, to which add a couple of tablespoons of our bath oils , bath salt crystals or a few tolerances for your favorite Essential Oils , and allow yourself to relax your body and mind ... make sure there is silence around or just calm background music, so that candles are lit at a safe distance, so that bright objects do not stand in your sight that unnecessarily draw your attention, and believe us body and mind thanks for the time you devoted to them, will become cheerful, strong again and possibly even give you a unique idea! 

    By the way, we have too bath products for children (baby skin care shampoos and bath foams) and dog spa shampoo for our pets included in the product collection.

    Enjoy yourself and pamper your loved ones with spa cosmetics from the wide range of Lemongrass House products. We take care that you will enjoy a full-fledged SPA at home!