Turn your house into a SPA oasis

We all know that responsibilities at work, family and everyday life take a lot of time and that it is difficult to find a time to relax in the daily rush, but it is so important ...

The Lemongrass House team offers a wide range of high quality spa products that can also be found in high-end spas and hotels around the world, and we have no doubt that with our wonderful products you can have a relaxing spa experience in your own home without even wasting time!

All Lemongrass House products are natural, made from fresh ingredients, blended by hand and with great love, and even very mundane things likehand washing and lubrication with essential oils saturatedhand cream can create a small moment of respite ... But this time we want to draw your attention to our specialHOME SPA for a series where you will find products created for home flavoring and aromatherapy at the same time, which will relax you in your own home and even without your special involvement!


Both to create the mood and to achieve the desired aromatherapy effect (relaxation, rejuvenation, pain relief, etc.), the primary product isEssential Oils. You can choose several of your favorite fragrances (and in time even create your own collection!) And use them in the mood lamps, aroma oil diffusers, as well as by adding them to the bath or some of the water you use when washing the floor. The whole house and joy are guaranteed in the scent!

But Lemongrass House wants to make your daily life even in the following details and pamper you in various ways, so we have also created ready-to-use products with essential oils and other natural ingredients:

  • Scented sticks and candles – All you have to do is choose an aroma and give a flame to bring a mood and a gentle scent to your house;
  • Aroma oil diffusers – this will be the right product for lovers of strong aroma, as it will convincingly bring the power of natural essential oil aromas to the room with the help of reed sticks;
  • Aromatic room & pillow sprays a couple of puffs in the air or directly on the bed linen (or on the sofa where you spend the evening in front of the TV) and indulge in the pleasure provided by natural aromas in high-quality spa products for the home;
  • Towel flavorings – You definitely know the feeling called head smoke ... if it occurs, then choose the Lemongrass House towel cologne and let yourself be refreshed by the damp towel soaked in a mixture of this product and water and cooled in the refrigerator ... it's a caffeine without which no one lives in the tropics;ens;
  • Natural antidotes – In order not to interfere with your peaceful relaxation, we offer natural anti-mosquito sprays or a smoky spiral with pure lavender, citronella, orange peel and geranium essential oils..


Choose your real and only scent for your house or let the bouquet of different natural aromas from Lemongrass House and you will have created a real, pleasant and relaxing spa oasis in your own home.

May our products provide real enjoyment!