Lemongrass House

FRANGIPANI salt scrub

€11,90 €16,90

Our body scrub with Andaman sea salts gently exfoliates and revitalizes the skin. After scrubbing, the cooling cucumber and aloe extracts will make your skin smooth and refreshed.

Use:Gently rub damp skin with a scrub, focusing more on areas where the skin is rougher (elbows, knees, heels). Rinse skin with water. To further soften the skin, we recommend using Lemongrass House body butter or cream after scrubbing.

Ingredients:Jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, sea salts, sodium bicarbonate, cucumber extract, green tea extract, natural essential oil, vitamin C, vitamin E.

Volume:300 gr.

The product does not contain sulphates and parabens, has never been tested on animals.

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