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Aromatic spray for dogs LEMONGRASS-GREEN TEA

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Let's face it, dogs don't always smell good, although of course they think they smell great! If your dog lives at home, but you don't have time to bathe your fluffy friend often, try our dog spa spray. It perfectly neutralizes odors and gives the pet's coat a refreshing plant scent.

Use:Carefully spray the spray on the dog's fur with one blast . If your pet doesn't mind and is big enough to need a richer wave of scents, then inflate the spray again. Avoid contact with eyes and ears. Use the spray to also perfume your four-legged friend's bed.

Caution: As with all dog care products, discontinue use if redness or rash occurs. Immediately rinse the affected area with water. Never let your dog drink the product!

Ingredients:Aloe vera infusion, green tea extract, vitamin E.

Volume:120 ml.

The product does not contain sulphates and parabens, has never been tested on animals.

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